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Mac and Lilly

Solid Oak Base Hurricane with LED Candle Holder

Solid Oak Base Hurricane with LED Candle Holder

Home Decor Accents - Free UK Delivery - 17cm x 25cm

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This LED lantern's graceful design with the solid oak base is perfect for any space and is sure to add a touch elegance, Its timeless design ensures that it will remain a feature in your home for many years to come, bringing beauty and charm to any room.

At its heart lies a delicately illuminated LED candle that not only provides a warm and inviting glow but also ensures safety and convenience.

The LED candle can be easily switched on and off at the base, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance with a simple touch - it also offers a convenient timer feature, you can set it to illuminate for 6 hours per day, making it an ideal choice for adding a cozy atmosphere to your evenings without having to remember to switch it off and on, perfect for winter evenings to come on just before you get home for your evening.


Product Information


•17cm x 25cm



• Glass

• Oak Base

• The LED candle takes Three AAA batteries  

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