About Us

 Welcome to Mac and Lilly, a cherished homeware brand co-founded in 2019 by the creative minds and hearts of Jo and Russ.

At Mac and Lilly we dream up homeware that is unique, from wall herb pots to vibrant cushions to a dog lead hooks, each piece is made in our Cumbrian workshop guaranteeing quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Our personalised gifts touch hearts, picture a key holder with a couple’s names, date and even the pets can be included, a wedding present that becomes a cherished possession, or perhaps a scented candle, personalised with names, and a heartfelt message to celebrate memories in a new home.

We thrive on custom requests, whether it’s a bespoke house sign in a custom size or even branding for a business we are happy to work with you and see your vision come to life, we infuse each creation with thoughtfulness.

In addition to our own crafted treasures, we have thoughtfully curated a selection of other exquisite home decor and gifts to complement the essence of our brand at Mac and Lilly, each piece in this carefully chosen collection reflects the same dedication to beauty, quality, that defines our brand. 

We invite you to explore and discover a harmonious blend unique, personalised or curated finds that seamlessly align with the spirit of Mac and Lilly, enriching you’re home with even more beauty and charm.