About Us

Welcome to Mac and Lilly, a cherished homeware brand co-founded in 2019 by the creative minds and hearts of Jo and Russ, born out of a shared passion for designing with over 30 years experience in print, joinery and design they wanted to create high quality items with a personalised feel to enhance your home and gifting experience and crafting personalised items, their journey led them to take a courageous leap, giving life to Mac and Lilly (formerly Mac and Lilly Made by Us).


In addition to our own crafted treasures, we have thoughtfully curated a selection of other exquisite home decor and gifts to complement the essence of our brand at Mac and Lilly. Each piece in this carefully chosen collection reflects the same dedication to beauty, quality, that defines our brand. 


We invite you to explore and discover a harmonious blend of curated finds that seamlessly align with the spirit of Mac and Lilly, enriching you’re home with even more beauty and charm.