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Mac and Lilly

Copper Planters for Stylish Plant Care

Copper Planters for Stylish Plant Care

Set of Three or Individual - See Dimension for Sizes -Free UK Delivery

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Enhance your plant care routine with this set of three exquisite copper planters.

These versatile pots are designed to be used as cover pots, allowing you to easily remove them and place your plants in the sink for hassle-free watering.

The rich copper finish adds a touch of warmth to your space, creating a stunning contrast with the lush greenery of your plants.

With three different sizes to choose from, or you can purchase the set of three so you can accommodate a variety of plants and create captivating arrangements.



• Large planter - 26cm in diameter and 20cm high

• Medium planter - 19cm in diameter and 15cm in height,

• Small planter 13cm in diameter and 11cm in height.


• Distressed Copper

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