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Mac and Lilly

Large Personalised Pet Bin with Dog Bone and Scoop

Large Personalised Pet Bin with Dog Bone and Scoop

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Made from high quality, white coloured steel, this bin is designed to be both durable and aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly blending into any home décor.

It features a luxurious leather handle that adds a touch of sophistication while providing ease of use, for a personal touch, the bin comes with a unique bone-shaped name tag crafted from copper and black acrylic making it special for your furry friend.

 Additionally, it includes a matching scoop, ensuring you can easily serve the right amount of food every time.

Product Information


• Height 45cm

• Width 32cm

• Depth 24cm

Capacity 13kg


• Pet Bin: Powder Coated Steel

• Dog Bone: Acrylic

Care:Not dishwasher safe, wash with warm soapy water
This item has been tested for use with food
Designed without an airtight seal - lid simply lifts off

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